Monday, August 27, 2007

Woolards, meet Dave

to mark my father's b-day, i grabbed some box seats to Dave Matthews Band tomorrow night at Verizon. the whole family's going. should be a woolard-tastic time. DMB has really been the soundtrack of many signposts in my life. though (thankfully) my musical taste has matured far past Dave, i still hold a special place in my heart for the songs that i blasted in my Ford Escort in high school, sang on many a night at my college fraternity and kept me company on car rides and trips near and far. seeing DMB during their summer tours has been a true right of passage to fall in my world for as long as i can remember. i still have concert t-shirts from the 90s.

my mom's never seen them live, and the last time my dad was at Verizon may well have been when he accompanied a group of wild high school kids to see R.E.M. what a guy.

if you're out tomorrow night, shoot me a text or call - or simply look at the box section and keep your eyes peeled for a family of four standing on their seats, singing along.

here's my ultimate, anytime, fast and slow, young and old, Dave mix, to get you pumped:

The Best of What's Around
The Warehouse
Do Damn Lucky
Too Much
Crash Into Me
Let You Down
Lover Lay Down
Where Are You Going
Grace is Gone
Diggin' a Ditch
Back You Up
Grey Street
Two Step
Stay or Leave
If I Had it All
The Stone
Pay For What You Get


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