Monday, August 20, 2007

Bike update: I'm doing this 'cause I love you

i feel kinda sad right now...not going to lie to you. one of those, "i'm missing something" moments (laugh here). i dropped the Western Flyer off at the Trek Store prior to the monday group ride tonight. i'd fiddled with the 3-speed internal hub all weekend, to no avail. got frustrated and thought i should put it in the hands of someone smarter than i. so off to the doc's at the Trek Store, where they greeted me after my ride with good news: there are missing parts. hub's broke-down-yo-gone. they're ordering some new parts to rebuild it, in the meantime, they're adjusting my brakes and replacing all the cables (i put commuter tires on this weekend to replace the larger rubbers that arrived with the bike).

that's good news, yes, but i felt a bit validated when they let me know it was basically impossible to fix that darn thing...made my efforts in vain seem more brave than stupid. i'm always game for that.

great ride tonight - 5 flats along the route though! that's some crazy bad karma. luckily i escaped with only a sound appreciation for carrying the needed tubes/CO2 if an when I flat. as always, tasty homebrew met us at the finish, where i paced around the Madone. it's a great group ride if you're interested in a nice post-weekend recovery. and the folks at the Trek Store are always great to work with and super-helpful.

It's been a while since i've posted here goes:

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One brilliant PSA (hit "Olay" video)
What i'd get excited about if i had no life.


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