Thursday, August 02, 2007

When can we stop saying "new media?"

today i was in a presentation with a great retail client. bricks and mortar. products for the everyman. family biz. the leader of the company is a dynamic guy, open to most ideas within reason and very willing to try executions that stray from the mainstream. he knows his business and gets the big picture that his business lives within.

about halfway through the presentation we got to talking about blogs (can marketers get through one conversation without saying the "b" word?) and i realized there was no mention, anywhere within the presentation we'd created of anything to do with traditional media. even the direct mail direction was based on online communication. i verbalized this thought and we all got a kick out of it, then kept talking about microsites and word of mouth. and while many clients (and agencies) would burp a bit over such a non-traditional approach, it worked for this situation. traditional media would prove to be less effective than "new media" in this case.

my point is, i think it's time we stop saying "new" in front of words like "communications" and "media" and we champion the fact that the world we live in and the consumers we engage in conversation don't care about the media mix or even what we might call the media mix.

it was a good day for drawing a line between the present and the future, then erasing that line.


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