Monday, August 13, 2007

my kind of new biz pitch

brilliant. i applaud BooneOakley (and it's freakin' hot website/soundtrack) for its approach and delivery of its pitch to Saucony. i realize the dog and pony that most agencies summon for new biz pitches quickly fades in most cases, but darn it, i'm behind these guys and Saucony should be too. it's a relevant way to prove (seriously, the RAN for this biz) their passion, while implementing the blog to show the agency's ability to tell a story.

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Blogger KFad said...

This is how to get a prospective client excited about your agency. It's a complete 180 of the whole - Subway fiasco.

The difference is simple. Boone Oakley embraced the brand with its effort. just embraced itself. A lot. That's how it fist pounded its way into infamy.

I love BooneOakley showing Saucony some love. Let's hope they do too.

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