Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long blog

i'm feeling a little lame with WoolardSpeak lately. sorry. i think i'm going through one of those "what does it all mean?" "why should i blog?" "why didn't I just pay for typepad" things. maybe i'm having a quarter-blog crisis. no, i'm just busy.

so, one way i like to get back in the blog saddle is by throwing some of my diversions out there in the hope that i get a pass for doing other things with my free time than blogging. geek.

1) Music: Feist, Bright Eyes, Deep Dish, Jose Gonzales. and I'm writing a ton. had a dead period...but am back on the "i write 3/4 of a song, get frustrated, have a beer, and start a new one" phase.
2) Words: Good Magazine (no time to read!)
3) Web: No One Belongs Here More Than You, 43 Things, Good Magazine on YouTube
4) Movies: i watched two of my all-time (top 5) favorite movies this week: High Fidelity and Serendipity. They both have two things in common: John Cusack and brilliant screen writing. it's rare for me to watch a movie. let alone two in one week.

weekend's almost here. happy end of the week. i'll jump back with real content soon.

Listening to - Feist, the reminder (been in my car all darn week)


Blogger Esue said...

Every time Bright Eyes (Nebraska home grown), and this is usually while I get ready for work, I hear a lyric that is so brilliant I put down the toothbrush, rush to the computer, back it up, play it again. Repeat. Write it down. That man writes lyrics with such candor. He's like Ben Folds on downers. Cool deal on getting your first box of shirts out man!

5:24 AM  

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