Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Loving the ones you're with

I've been waiting for some Chicago Marathon pictures to illustrate an amazing weekend...just got one from our friend in Texas. I'll post more soon - but for now, a brief recap and some thoughts on teamwork.

Larry, Dad, Me, Brett, Wes staying warm with some pre-race love from Sunflower Outdoor. We're missing our gutsy girl Caroline in this shot.

The marathon went very well. Beautiful course, incredible crowd support and the best running group of all time. I felt amazing during and after - a wonderful reward to a hard few months of training. The best part of the run was being there with people I truly care about. Our gang of weekend warriors (two of whom were first-time marathoners) kicked ass, battled mid-course injuries and waited with a family-like nervousness for each to cross the finish line. And that's what resonated most with me.

I'll post some finish-line pictures soon. They tell the true story of the power of teamwork. I read Olivier Blanchard's post yesterday about his own weekend experience in South Carolina and loved the message. Read it here. Olivier riffs on the power of teamwork and the success that can be harnessed through working together with those you're tasked to travel with. And though both my point and Olivier's are illustrated by a sports scenario, there are few places more important for teamwork to flourish than the workplace.

Our team braved cold weather runs, injury and frustrations during the training cycle and then came together to add strength, levity and encouragement when the race arrived. Sure, sport bonds people. Trials bond people. But the reasons those bonds stick can be leveraged in any just have to love the ones you're with. What makes up that dynamic? Olivier posts some new rules of teamwork...I'll add a few necessary character traits for a successful team...use them as a gut check for your friends and co-workers.

1) Respect
2) Admiration
3) The willingness to sacrifice
4) Humility
5) The ability to celebrate others victories with, not in addition to, yours
6) The will to push others
7) The openness to being pushed
8) Humor
9) Appreciation

More to come as the photos are developed and e-mailed.


Blogger Sara said...

Congrats again to you all. Remind me I owe you some pics.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Olivier Blanchard said...

Congrats! And you're absolutely right about everything you just wrote.

PS: Thanks for the props.

10:24 AM  

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