Friday, October 20, 2006

one foot in front of the other

Headed to Chicago today for the marathon. The preparation and packing have consumed me this week. I' have a ton of nervous energy to expend come Sunday...for now I'm sitting in my office awaiting the flight, completely self absorbed. Until just a second ago, when one of my favorite people in the world sent one of her regular update e-mails. She has breast cancer. Aggressive. Has for years. She's back in chemo and jockeying back and forth with her markers and side affects.

I was blessed to meet her through a client I worked with last year and since have kept up, exchanging e-mails and prayers. Her e-mail was a great reminder today that my 26.2 miles on Sunday are a cakewalk compared to the race many people are running by the minute to fight breast cancer. She is an inspiration to her friends, a hero, a survivor in every sense of the word. A selfless mother and wife and incredibly beautiful person. Her e-mails 0nly briefly mention her treatment and challenges, then launch into what her family is up to, where they've been recently and how happy she is about everything from changing seasons to TV shows. Beautiful.

Her e-mail today was inspirational. It grounded me and gave me perspective. It made me appreciate my own health and the opportunity to do what I'll do this weekend.

Moreover, she put a passionate face on this important month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the amazing fight we should all join to eradicate the disease.

Do what you can - from supporting companies that support breast cancer research to performing self exams and making sure the women in your lives make breast health a priority.

I'll surely post pictures from this weekend. For now, the official Chicago Marathon mix, straight from my iPod to your ears.


Blogger Mason said...

Good luck, sir.

12:26 PM  
Blogger little jeter said...

Think 14,399...thats how many seconds it takes to break 4 hours. When you think of it that way it doesn't seem so long. Good Luck

4:20 PM  

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