Thursday, September 28, 2006

Now What?

The birthday wizard (for lack of knowing who the true gifter is) got me a subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine. I’m thrilled. I haven’t had a subscription since high school. While reading, I was intrigued by two print ads, both depicting bad events happening to a car (scratches, wrecks) and a bike lock sans bike. The only call to action/ID is “” which completely got my attention (and stayed top-of-mind).

Come to find out State Farm Insurance is behind the campaign and has created a very cool Web site devoted to educating how the company answers the question, “now what” after accidents. This site is proof that any client/industry/product can be cool – someone just has to make it relevant. In an industry where a talking Gecko or Duck are considered innovative creative icons, there’s a lot of room for improvement. State Farm improves the process.

This site is tailored to a Gen Y audience. People taking over their insurance policies on cars, rentals, etc. People not used to the confusing terminology and red tape that comes with the necessary evil. The site uses the language, imagery and navigation this target is used to.

Even cooler, State Farm (SERIOUSLY, STATE FREAKIN’ FARM) is figuring out how to be a lifestyle brand by incorporating info on concerts, a music player, AIM icons, a submit-your-photo opportunity and a partnership with iFilm to shoot your own “Now What” moment. Very nice.


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