Thursday, October 26, 2006

Crayon: Color me impressed

Crayon launched today. For those of you in the agency world, selling yourselves just got a whole lot harder.

Worse, the company has moved into the high-speed Internet jack next to you.

Even more of a pain for your new biz team is Crayon's stranglehold on an original idea. One you can't replicate. Or even get close to competing with. Because as of 12 EST, those wily Crayoners put the marketing world firmly in its place - directly behind them.

The upside? Crayon probably won't pitch your clients. In fact, unless those clients are forward-thinking, risk-taking, social-media, new-marketing types, they probably won't even hear about Crayon. So don't lose a lot of sleep. It's only a small percentage of work this start-up will pull from.

Wait, I thought of something even worse than worse: that small percentage of work is exactly what you wish you were doing right now.

Listening to: Alice Smith - For Lovers, Dreamers and Me.


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