Monday, May 08, 2006

Cater to your audience

Allow me to brag. The Baker Orange, which I edited many years back, has impressed me again. This time my interest was peaked not by one of the many awards this university paper reaps, but by The Orange's understanding of its audience and response to its readers through a redesigned Web site and use of emerging technology tools.

Stories now include buttons to blog the story, file to digg, newsvine or and subscribe to the paper's RSS feed. Brilliant!

Two thoughts:
1) The Orange understands its readers deal with new communication tools daily and provided the resources to meet (exceed, for now) expectations.
2) This isn't a major university paper. It's a small, private college weekly paper that hits the streets of a sleepy little rural city. Further proof that this new world of media is not to come, but here. The window for companies, the media and individuals to join the conversation is shrinking.

Kudos, "Oranjournalists" for keeping a great newspaper relevant in a time of sweeping changes in news delivery.

You all make me proud.


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