Monday, March 20, 2006

Why blog?

Jory Des Jardins posted a great, inspirational bit on careers and more importantly, blogging. Many people wonder why bloggers blog. What's the point? What's the return on our investment? Bloggers understand the reward and the importance. Jory outlines some of blogging's better benefits.

Jory spoke at the New Communications Forum and is one of the founders of Blogher, a savvy entrprenuer and an established writer. More words of wisdom from Jory can be found in her very cool SXSW video here.

Why do I blog? - got me thinking. Top five reasons:

1) Keeps me relevant
2) Creative outlet
3) Connects me to a larger world filled with smart people and big ideas
4) Furthers the carving out of my own little neck of the woods
5) Reminds me to constantly think, opine, react


Anonymous Jory Des Jardins said...

Andy--thanks for the shout out. It's tough trying to explain the benefits of blogging. It's like networking--some people go to events and get contacts, ideas, and new business, and others just get free shrimp. There are no guarantees with blogging, but for those who embrace it--wow.

3:54 PM  

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