Sunday, March 19, 2006

Monitoring WOM

Sam Flemming, author of the China Word of Mouth Blog has this great post on monitoring WOM and the different types of WOM to monitor. Links to an Economist article that provides some great meausrement info all PR pros should consider. If you don't read Sam's blog, you should - great WOM insight and a needed perspective on marketing in China.

On the Economist article - if you read this and don't laugh out loud at the use of "abreast" in the discussion of ConAgra's (Butterball turkey) online monitoring, the you have no sense of humor.

On the use of the term "PR pro": I hate that term. It's used all the time in our inner industry circle. Of course we're pros. It's short for professionals. One doesn't say "nurse pro" or "programmer pro." I guess the alternative is flack. Ad pros get to be "creatives." That in itself is a reason PR and advertising don't always get along - comes down to title jealousy.


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