Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As anyone in the Kansas City area who slept without ear plugs or outside of their bunkers last night can confirm, the insane thunderstorm that hit us briefly in the wee small hours was amazing. I was in the first stages of sleep and woke up thinking the house was hurtling across Roeland Park en route to Nebraska. The relentlessness of the rain and lightning show were incredible testaments to nature's strength.

Not really sleeping well leading up to the storm, I decided to grab my guitar and join the chorus. I strummed some great, mellow tunes and battled the storm sound for sound. It was incredibly peaceful and acted as a reminder of the connection between all that lives on earth. The yellow tornado was hunkered under my legs and for the 10 minutes or so that the brunt of the storm lasted, we were pretty dang content. I enjoyed the connection to the world around me - from the dog at my feet to the storm outside my windows.

This morning my lawn chairs were against the neighbor's fence and a few limbs were scattered. But I'm thankful for the awakening and opportunity to do something new (my Lenten focus - doing something brand new each day).

It was fitting to read Mike Swenson's post this morning, which illustrated another great example of connectivity, whether that be mine with the storm or two trees (pictured below) that joined limbs to provide strength and promote health. Amazing. Further proof that people need each other and things need things and people need things. We need connectedness. We need to provide strength, support, love. In turn, we reap the benefits of love, strong relationships and a sustainable world. It's simple, but profound in result.


Anonymous Mike Swenson said...

Thanks for the point Andy. Unfortunately, while you were connecting with the storm, I was asleep like a rock. And I love storms. This new house is too damn soundproof! We will probably have another chance tonight.

1:09 PM  

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