Thursday, December 29, 2005

All hail the holiday lull

I'm quite busy enjoying the perks of working at an office that closes from Christmas through New Years. For some, it's the holiday lull. For me, it's a chance to devote 8+ hours a day to my personal passions and vices.

Today is a good example of what a perfect day might look like in my world. I woke up early, painted, then my parents came over to help with preparations for my first gallery show (more later, but mark your calendar for the January 6th First Friday opening in the Crossroads, at Grand Gallery). I sat on my back porch and played the guitar, took a nice 5.3-mile run, then lifted some weights (these biceps don't grow themselves, folks).

I've spent the evening drinking Fat Bastard, writing and playing with the Monk dog. Pretty nice little Thursday.

Things that have kept me inspired during this holiday season:

Indecision, by Benjamin Kunkel. Holy crap, read this book.

Coldplay on Austin City Limits - though Chris Martin fails to actually sing during the concert (I think the electrical tape on his fingers is too tight), his "mates" sound great and Michael Stipe comes in to swat Martin around with some real talent, including a wonderful rendition of Joseph Arthur's "In the Sun." Good concert with multiple re-runs on your local public television station.

Z, by My Morning Jacket - I know I already blogged on this album, but it's incredible.

Gorillaz self-titled album. The KC weather has been beautiful and I've taken many a drive with the windows down and this album blaring.

The Office. I've downloaded most of this season's episodes to my video iPod, making numerous family car trips more enjoyable.

Happy New Year to all.


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