Sunday, November 13, 2005

Strummin' up some recommendations

Last night I went to Prospero's Books to hear a four amazing songwriters: Cindy Woolf, Barclay Martin, Kasey Rausch and Joel Craft. The show was done in a Nashville round, which means each artist plays one song, then the next, down the line, repeat.

I love Prospero's. You can sit for hours, reading and staring at endless used spines. It's also becoming a cornerstone of the Kansas City art scene. Nestled on a corner of the eclectic 39th Street, Prospero's hangs local artists works and hosts intimate concerts frequently.

Above all, I have tremendous respect for artists who put themselves out there. Exhibit, sing, dance, play. These are brave souls. Key to these artists' successes is a place like Prospero's, which brings artists and art lovers together to share an important experience.

On that note - recommendations to start the week:

My Morning Jacket. I've been listening to them for a couple months now and love 'em. The other day I heard a review of their new album, Z, on NPR. MMJ's last album, It Still Moves, is also a favorite.

Josh Ritter. Try Golden Age of Radio first, then move to Hello Starling. He's a master lyricist and his music is incredibly mellow. This is great driving/sleeping/drinking/thinking music.

For those of you in the KC area, my buddy Kyle Moreland will be at the Westport Coffee House on Friday.


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