Monday, November 14, 2005

Random thoughts during a day off

I took the day off. It's a perfect day for a day off: cold, rainy and quiet. The finality of fall is settling in and I'm enjoying it from a reclining chair at Tea Drops. The day's been filled with thinking, and I am going to share some of those thoughts.

1) Woke up, made toast and "read the paper" to see some very sad news. Tim Griffith, longtime manager of Lawrence's Liberty Hall died. Tim was an icon within an institution. I first met Tim when I was a pint-sized actor and performed at Liberty Hall. He took good care of everyone within the walls of LH and from then on, I always made a point of saying hello when I stopped by for a movie or concert. The measure of a man often can be found in what his friends say about him when he's gone. Check out the long line of comments posted to the story (above) on his death. Amazing. I add my good memories and respect.

2) After I finish my drink, I'm going to the music store to play guitars that I will never be able to afford.

3) My right eye is swelling up. I have no idea why.

4) My dog has taken a liking to wrestling with his dog bed. He flings it around and jumps on it and does the dog version of a pile driver. This morning, after a helicopter move, it landed on my bed and Monk jumped up to continue the assault...luring my pillows and comforter into the fight. It was completely out of control, against all tenants of discipline I try to enforce, but awesome to watch.


Anonymous April said...

Sounds like you and Monk had a very productive day :)

6:13 PM  
Blogger Angel! said...

At what age do human beings loose the capacity of having fun with basically nothing?!...

Cute dog.

2:58 PM  

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