Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Text messaging: the next political tech tool?

Very interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor on text-messaging (SMS) technology and mobilizing political action/disseminating information. I wonder if this will be the method of choice for the next presidential campaign? Could it overtake the power of This excerpt hit me directly in the thumbs:

If television helped bring down the Berlin Wall and the fax machine helped protesters organize during the Tiananmen Square protests, cellphone text messaging, also known as SMS (short message services), may be the new political tool for activists. In tech-savvy nations like South Korea, but more so in controlled societies like China and the Middle East, text messaging has been fomenting what some experts call a "mobile democracy." Because it is unmonitored and cheap, it provides an underground channel for succinct uncensored speech.
Demonstrators use it to mobilize protests, dodge authorities, and fire off political spam. It has also enabled them to engineer collective action at unprecedented speed.


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