Thursday, June 09, 2005

Creativity is worthless

Creativity is worthless. I'm creative, you're creative. Big deal. Before you freak out and point me to the mission statements of every ad/pr/marketing/design shop in the world, let me put this statement into context. Creativity is worthless unless it creates something. Just as intelligence is useless without application and strength means nothing without movement, creativity is worthless without activity.

Too many companies rely on that watered-down word to represent a differentiating element of their business. The word has become a staple value and a recurring cog in skill sets everywhere. Creativity should not be used to describe a mindset unless that mindset is used to create a solution or fuel a strategy.

I propose a rewrite: creatactivity. Creatactivity is the bridge between idea and activity. To be creatactive is to identify and execute a path to results.

Creativity is just not enough anymore. Profit, benefit and growth come from the activity an idea ignites. Who cares that you're creative? People (and clients and consumers and your grandmother) only truly care about what you create. Go on, get creatactive.


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I love it.

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