Friday, October 12, 2007

Nau rockin', new Interwoven Threads shirts!

as i continue to grow my clothing company, Interwoven Threads, i keep an eye on other businesses that have changed the traditional business model, especially in its relationship to sustainability. nau clothing has been one such company. i'm certain you've read a bit about it (if not, a simple googleaction will reveal a bundle of write-ups), but the gist is, the company sees itself as a world-changing organization...not just an outdoor clothing company. read this quick description.

i follow nau's blog: the thought kitchen. today, a post announced a new effort on the company site to be more transparent. described as, "stories about our products and practices and the issues that aren't so black and white." beautiful. the effort is called "grey matters" check it out here. nau is a leader, not just in production and sustainability, but in the supremely important field of transparency. kudos.


speaking of Interwoven Threads, things are hoppin'! just returned from the post office where i shipped 10 shirts off to all corners of the U.S. the bump in sales probably came from a little promotion i'm running to kick-off the new shirt (designed by seth gunderson): while i'm waiting to get the new shirt online and looped into the merchant service for orders, all purchases between now and the time you can buy it online will be free of pesky shipping and handling costs!

that's right. for those of you in KS, you'll pay a bit of sales tax, but for the others, you can dress yo'self in the latest design for just 25 bucakroos. simply shoot me an e-mail at and give me your size.

here are some photos from the shoot - check 'em, order 'em, rock 'em. and remember each purchase creates a donation of one shirt to reStart, where it will be given to someone that truly needs to be clothed.

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