Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Monday, check out this jidouhanbaiki

when i lived in japan, one of my favorite japanese words to use was "jidouhanbaiki," which means "vending machine." i would make up all sorts of sentences to include this word. the good news was, japanese jidouhanbaikis were fascinating and provided plenty of justification for my attention to them in conversation.

via psfk, a post i fell in love with immediately because of its inclusion of two things that interest me: photos taken daily to record minute change and japanese vending machines. hoorah for the well-titled blog, I take a picture of the vending machine every day (or so). I’m very sorry.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have to say i can relate to your fondness for the word jidouhanbaiki. it is my own affection for the word that inspired me to google it and led me to your blog. if i had to say a word fifty times in a row i would likely choose it, although sentakuki would be a close second.


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