Thursday, July 26, 2007


my head's been consumed in differentiation lately. a few projects that have the opportunity to break out of the proverbial mold have ignited a real look into how successful campaigns have not just done ads better, but done ads that have no precedent. slate has an interesting story (and accompanying slide show) on the "12 Kinds of Ads." using Leo Burnett CD Donald Gunn's work, the slide show (by Seth Stevenson) is proof that even your "best" idea has more than likely been executed the same way before.

looking at the slide show, it's good to see first how to do the "type" better...such as, how to make the demo better (above). BUT, it's even more critical to rethink the category entirely. this slide show is a great addition to any marketing person's desktop - as a gut check or bit-o-inspiration.

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Blogger Sarah said...

Hi Andy,

I'm a friend of Moe's and followed your blog link from a reply to a group e-mail because I'm nosy like that. Then I had to laugh because you had a blog entry about differentiation, and I have recently, too:

I'm a complete hypocrite, of course...I've used this word millions of times at work recently. Anyway, fun blog. I also ran Psycho Psummer, and agree that it rocked -- new levels of pain and fun. My husband and I have been meaning to buy your t-shirts, and now that I've discovered our twin differentiation blog entries, we will just have to do so soon.

3:50 PM  

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