Thursday, July 05, 2007

Giving up control, and giving up the work week

Thanks to Spike's post at the Brains on Fire blog, I'm still up, after driving for 15 hours straight today. Yes, I'm stuck in front of the black MacBook watching the videos fans created for Modest Mouse's "Missed the Boat" song, via Final Cut Pro. What a genius partnership, and one that furthers my love for Modest Mouse (and the song). This is a band that gets it. And more importantly, gives it up (control) in strategic ways.

I, as the votes agree with, love number 1.

So, yes, I'm back from a wonderful vacation to Angel Fire, NM. I've never not wanted to go home as badly as I did this morning, when we loaded up the Jetta at 7 and hauled down the red dirt road toward the flatlands. I'm exhausted from a week of trail running, hiking (the tallest mountain in NM), rafting, eating, drinking and sitting on a deck watching the wind blow through the pines. It was a perfect vacation, and one that made me realize how much I enjoy having the mountains in my life. More surely, but here are a few photos of the week.


Anonymous Spike said...

Sorry about that, Andy. I hope you got some sleep soon after!

3:05 PM  

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