Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'll see Once, again and again

i saw the movie Once last night and it was simply amazing. i really don't know how to describe how great this movie is, you just need to see it. the kansas city star gave it four stars in a good review here.

the plot is pretty simple: street-performing songwriter (and daytime vacuum repairman) who isn't given a name in the film meets a czech woman (also without a name). using her broken hoover as a catalyst to hang around him, they end up finding their musical lives fit perfectly together: his guitar and songwriting and her piano playing and singing. within the first 10 minutes, the film features one of the most raw, emotional and beautiful scenes i've seen in a long time and the audience seems to settle in to the fact that it is now going to be rewarded for choosing Once over Silver Surfer or Knocked Up. check out the trailer (won't ruin the ending!) - the scene i speak of is shown about halfway through (the two of them playing together in the music store).

Once does everything differently, from its non-formulaic screenplay to its continuous soundtrack, which works better than any movie "musical" format i've seen. it's simply stripped down to the barest of emotions and actions, sounds and expressions. when it ended, no one moved.

"the guy," as he's called, is Glen Hansard and "the girl" is Marketa Irglova (she's only 19, and an established singer songwriter). the movie soundtrack is understandably phenomenal (buy Hansard and Irglova's duets on iTunes by searching for "The Swell Season"). Hansard is of The Frames fame, as is the filmmaker, John Carney.

go see this movie. or, give me a holler and we can go together.


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Anonymous Lee Ann said...

Keep your fingers crossed that Once shows in OKC...I've been wanting to see it since I read about it in the New York Times.

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Anonymous lee ann said...

It finally came to OKC, and I totally agree with your review. Keep the suggestions coming.

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