Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brand erosion

olivier blanchard's brandbuilder blog put one of my biggest brand pet peeves into the blogsphere very eloquently today: brand erosion...check it out. olivier puts it this way: "Every company I've ever worked with (or for) that shifted its focus from innovation and market leadership to playing it safe and letting their competitors take chances with new technologies, designs or business endeavors saw their brands erode faster than beach-front property in a hurricane."

do you work with such brands? or worse yet, people? the sheep-like folks who invest crazy amounts time and money in following and patching holes, rather than leading and building.

the only group of people who react more strongly to brand erosion than agency folks are consumers. scary thought, but it's true. we can get all riled up when clients stay in the right lane, when we propose a helluva ride (or even just a quick sprint) in the passing lane. at the end of the day though, at the store register, consumers pass by those brands at lightening speed.


Blogger Olivier Blanchard said...

I kind of suspected that you were both smart and cool, but now I have proof. ;D

3:49 PM  

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