Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why give back? Because if feels good.

seriously! check out this report, via Citizen Brand, on why it feels good to do good. if you're looking for a reason to give to charity, or just give of yourself, well, we've got some biological back-up now. love it.

in the same do-betta vein is a great post from the always-on olivier blanchard at Brandbuilder (olivier, you're gettin' some link love this week.): olivier posts on a great site, which i've been enjoying for a while: Design for the other 90%. moreover, he ends his post with a poignant question: "what are you working on today?" ouch. that sting you feel is reality.


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Blogger sheltonfamily said...

dude andy woolard, i found your blog off of moediddy's blog. craziness. sounds like you're doing well! you can check out my wife's blog at

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