Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On inspiration

my head is full. and that's a good thing. the past week has been filled with inspiration. let's share.

from the good-old American Copywriter blog, Tug helps us improve our creative lives. print this out, keep it at your desk, use it as a guide or roll it up and smack your co-workers over the head if they breach the suggestions...then let them read it.

i saw Barack Obama speak on saturday. wow. i was pleased on so many levels. as an american, i saw a hope and energy i haven't seen. ever. as a marketer, i saw someone who was unbelievably confident in his own (brand) essence and communicate his differentiating attributes convincingly. he was authentic. he was not John Edwards-ized. obama was eloquent and passionate and delivered a message of hope and change, which darn it, we need to have right now. the crowd was rock-star-struck. and i left feeling audaciously hopeful.

went to my local outdoor store, backwoods, last night for a clinic/presentation on adventure travel and the store-led trips internationally and state-side. it was refreshing to be among a group of people who value travel, pushing comfort zones and pushing physical limits. and just watching the slides of past trips made me crave the travel that for some reason i've lost in my life. i was blessed to travel a ton as a youngster and throughout college...but it's been far too long since i was lost in a foreign city, or packed up the Jetta for a weekend trip. i need to correct this soon. check out the backwoods trips - great deals, amazing accommodations and adventures, and knowledgeable guides.

listening to - sky blue sky, wilco (been waiting for this one...downloaded today. so good.)


Blogger Maureen said...

I wish you weren't a thief.

Just because you baracked at parking the other day doesn't mean you can go around stealinz my imagez and not givinz me any credz.

and, i've got a road trip for ya--it's called "Pitchfork Festival July 13." just in case you hadn't heard. . :) (oh wait, i hate road trips. . ha.)

10:17 PM  

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