Sunday, April 02, 2006


I found out last week that a good family friend has a brain tumor. I was driving home from a late night at work and called my family to chat, only to hear the news. I broke down. This is a good woman, with an amazing husband and children. They were my youth group volunteers growing up. Her husband plays a haunting 12-string. Their children glow. There was no reason for this diagnosis.

The news made me think long and hard about my life and my priorities. I've spent most of the week looking at my days and my relationships and my desires and learning a lot about what's important and what is absolutely not. And that's been good. I've done a lot of praying for this woman and her family. And I've thought a lot about her personality and the ways she impacted my youth and hoped she'll recover fully to offer those talents to others.

Last night, as I was leaving a gathering of beers and basketball, I learned that a good friend, just a year younger than I, was disgnosed with a brain tumor. I had just seen him - watched KU lose in the first round! - and he was doing fine (other thank KU losing, which really pissed him off). I am very, very scared. He's got a much better take on this than his buddies, I think. That speaks to his character, and his drive to beat this. He is focusing on the right things. Shoring up his family and friends and his strength. I can't imagine how I'd deal with what he now deals with. I'm proud of him and amazed at his resolve.

Church was emotional this morning. I said a lot of prayers for these two wonderful people. I spent a lot of time thinking of ways I could be strong for them. I meditated on life and appreciated what I have and where I'm headed.

But I can't stop thinking about the sudden nature of these diagnoses. And I can't let myself forget that our days are precious and our priorities must be aligned correctly. While I try to find ways to support these two people, I hope they know that their fights are inspirational to me. The challenges they are facing remind me that I'm blessed and call me to make the most of my minutes.

Living life to the fullest isn't ominous or morbid. It's necessary. And it's something we don't get a second chance to do.


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Sunday seems to be a day we both reflected a bit. You're right about living life every day. I've struggled with that for to do it and keep climbing the ladder and meeting personal goals and taking care of family and keeping up with friends, etc. I hope you do a better job of it than I have.

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