Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Centro-matic and Great Lake Swimmers

Tonight, at the Record Bar: Centro-matic (previous post), Great Lake Swimmers and The String and Return. I love live music, and tonight will feature a band I've been enjoying (Centro-matic), one I just discovered (GLS) and a solid local band with tons of potential. Plus, it's 7 buckaroos to get in. Give me a cake and call it a birthday!

The Record Bar is doing everything right and has found a way to bring unique established and emerging artists to its strip-mall venue, conveniently located between a country-style breakfast joint and hardware store, while upping its cool factor. It's a success story. A start-up bar/grill is a risky venture, but aspiring to host live music in a city with a long-standing circuit of music stops is just plain ballsy. Moreover, the Record Bar is giving its neighbor to the west - Lawrence music must, the Bottleneck - hearty competition. In the short amount of time the Record Bar has been up and running, it has attracted quality artists and more importantly a loyal base of patrons.


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