Friday, March 03, 2006

A few thoughts to start the day

I'm reading some of the blogs I've found by New Comm Forum attendees this morning and have the following reflections:

This isn't just a gathering of Marcom/Tech/Biz nerds, this is a gathering of people who already are living the future all of us (Marcom/Tech/Biz) will soon realize.

Risley and I talked about this earlier, but it's been on my mind: why does everyone feel the need to name things? "New media" "New marketing" "cooperation marketing." Let's just call it marketing. The new is old - this model, this attention to consumer generated material and social media is not what we need to look toward or name, it's what we need to embrace and engage. Now. Yesterday.

Good blogs are different. They have a voice. They sound like a conversation.

I have a long way to go before hitting my blogging stride. Reading others' blogs and hearing commentary on successful blogs reminds me that I always can be more transparent, informal and engaging in the way I write my blog.

Ideas are powerful. Creativity is even more powerful. I've met so many people this week who are light years ahead of their peers in creativity and idea generation. They are succeeding because they can think, then produce.

OK - time for more coffee and the rest of the Weekend Journal. There's a great article on Japanese baseball - how often do I get that without going online?


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