Thursday, February 02, 2006

What I've enjoyed this week

Stuff I've been enjoying this week:

Nada Surf, "Let Go." Holy "why have I not been listening to this, Batman." Nada's coming to Lawrence on the 15th (with Rogue Wave!), and I realized all I knew of Nada was "high/low" and "The Weight is a Gift." Let go is freakin' amazing. Buy it. Now. Stop reading. But come back and read. Check out "Blizzard of 77," "Inside of Love," "Blonde on Blonde," "Killian's Red."

Kendall Payne. If this girl wasn't married, I'd probably propose. Check out "Grown."

Interpol, "Antics." I was late in getting this abum...but it is as good or better as Interpol's previous album, "Turn on the Bright Lights."

Radio in my bathroom.
Yesterday, as I was setting my main living room stereo to deafening decibles (as I do most mornings) to hear NPR's broadcast while in the bathroom, I remembered purchasing a small, battery-operated weather radio years ago and decided to hunt for it. I now can listen to the news and be updated on inclement weather, while shaving. Awesome.

Dilbert, from today's strip.


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