Friday, December 30, 2005

Internal disruption

Internal disruption. Not talking gas here. Talking about a great post from Hugh MacLeod (gapingvoid) on the impressive - for a specific reason - results within the company walls of his client, Stormhoek wine, and the larger wine industry/blogosphere/marketplace.

Stormhoek sales doubled in the 12 months MacLeod spent blogging on the wine, sending bottles to bloggers and creating a label-design contest online.

Read his post. Though wine is a hot topic and bloggers go nuts over the subject, this could happen in ANY industry with ANY company. MacLeod was simply brave, smart and calculated enough to do it with his client. He caused an internal disruption and it caught the eye of his key audiences. Moreover, it created a story Stormhoek didn't have 12 months ago.

Kudos to Hugh. Kudos also to Stormhoek for following a smart man's lead.


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