Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hugh MacLeod posted a link to the origin of the word "Pitch," and whether true or not, I like it.

This originated during the Spanish Inquisition. Torquemada, one of its leaders would tell imprisoned playwrights that if they could interest him in an idea, he would let them live long enough to write it. If not, they were dropped into a large vat (or pitch) of boiling tar, hence the term 'pitch.'

Etymology aside, I was moved by the focus on making an interesting idea believable and demonstrating that you are an essential player in the process. Also of note: nothing is forever. Even if the idea was good enough, it only temporarily ensured survival. "...he would let them live long enough to write it." Hence, the birth of the sequel?

In this business, ideas are king, but the ability to bring those ideas to life keeps you in the throne.


Anonymous Jane said...

Yeah, I thought that story sounded kind of fishy, too, but it illustrated his point nicely.

7:57 PM  

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