Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Change is good

Freshness is a hot topic in the branding world. Being fresh or stale can be the difference between a good and a great brand. Depending on how broad your definition of "brand" is, evaluating freshness can be done across all mediums, businesses, services, etc. Recently my hometown paper, the Lawrence Journal-World decided to freshen its sports department. Good move and one that has recaptured my interest in a section I previously wrote off.

Tom Keegan took the helm of the Journal-World's sports section, a role Chuck Woodling had filled since long before I was born. Keegan has added edge and an unobstructed opinion. He is an incredible writer with an intelligent irreverence that already has elevated the sports page.

Moreover, he's fresh. Woodling was good, but it was time for change, especially at a newspaper that has garnered national awards for innovation and creativity. Check out Keegan's columns. Here's a starter.

Freshness matters. From a newspaper to a hamburger, change must be a natural part of brand evolution.


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