Thursday, May 05, 2005

Is a blog enough?

Seth Godin announced that this week is national tell-a-friend-about-blogs week. Good. Raising awareness of this powerful communication tool is important. I encourage you to tell a million friends about Woolard Speak. But instead of focusing entirely on spreading the word about blogs, I suggest we spread the word about connecting.

Blogs have done a lot to connect people. Blogs have done even more to increase the dialogue on implementing effective ways to reach a target audience. However, I believe the blog's hero status is waning. Many companies and individuals put too much stock in the power of the blog. Want to reach your target audience? "Start a blog" is the first thing discussed. Though accurate and still innovative, the next big thing in communication isn't the blog, it's the implementation of a holistic communications strategy that is consumer centric with equal parts transparency and strategy.

Start a blog? Good idea. Do it. Many have succeeded. But the blog is not enough. Let your blog be the gateway to your or your organization's knowledge, capabilities and communication.

Tell a friend about blogging this week. Also tell that friend about the power that lies within new and creative communication channels.


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