Friday, April 22, 2005

One shop's take on God and the one night stand

I read the May issue of Fast Company on a flight last night and was absolutely engrossed in an article about the businesses and business practices of Harvard Divinity School graduates. Little known fact: I wanted to be a Methodist pastor. I love theology and church history, but was rerouted somehow...still figuring that out. I also love to follow branding firms and the work they do. I was excited to find the article "God and Mammon at Harvard" - it's not yet available online, but is worth a trip to the bookstore.

The article highlights the ethics and business practices of HDS grads that didn't go on to pursue a church-related career. Especially interesting was the profile of the branding strategy firm Kindred Keziah, founded by HDS grad Sanford Keziah. Awesome company, doing innovative work rooted in ethics.

As I looked through the site, I was drawn to this phrase: The one-night stand brand. This appeared in a 2002 newsletter, and has great relevance and application to any company that plans to rebrand, as well as communicators that support that branding process.

Keziah and his wife/business partner sold KK recently, but have started a new venture. I'll keep you posted as I learn more.


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