Friday, April 22, 2005

Enough with the Blogging Already? Hardly

I know a post is good (not necessarily valuable) when it’s e-mailed to me multiple times in a day. Graeme Thickins posted "Enough With the Blogging Already" on yesterday. His main point is that blogging and business don't mix. Not a new concept, just an inaccurate one.

As soon as someone decided corporate blogging is good, someone decided it's bad. Big surprise. Now, society has one more thing to argue about. Why am I joining in the argument? Because I believe blogs are beneficial in the corporate arena and can be great business tools. The trick is being smart, innovative and strategic when developing a corporate blog. It isn’t enough for an individual or a company to create a blog, that blog must make an impact by communicating unique and useful information.

Those that argue against corporate blogging, business blogs and employee blogs normally have the same cache of ammo (Thickins included):
Blogs and business communicate in different voices
Blogs aren't a trusted source of information
Blogs increase risk to a company's reputation
Real-world business examples of the above three points can easily be found. Those examples pale in comparison to the positive effects blogs can have on a company's share of discussion, viral impact and reputation management.

While the blogosphere revolves around the good/bad for business argument, the next leaders in implementing blogs as innovative tools for business communications are focusing on doing biz blogs RIGHT. That's all there is to it.

Yes, everybody is blogging. Everyone is not blogging effectively. It's the job of businesses to make sure those implementing their blogs are innovative and have a strategic direction that differentiates that blog from the scrum.


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