Monday, April 11, 2005

Seth Godin asks "What's the always?"

Inspiration is a great way to start a Monday morning.

I just read Seth Godin's blog on coming up with the next big idea. Godin starts by identifying the "always" in a situation and then coming up with ideas that run counter to the always. The "never," as he puts it.

I normally roll my eyes when people come up with catchy inspirationisms. This pessimism comes from watching too many great philosophies never make it past the paper they're printed on. Corporate slogans, office pep rallies, etc. make me cringe UNLESS the inspirationisms truly represent the culture and actions taken by the group that touts them. But when I read Godin's "always" post, I was hooked because of its ease of use.

Finding the "always" isn't a slogan or a catchy idea. It's not an excuse for inaction as many slogans and schools of thought are: "I don't have the copy written for this project because I've been busy thinking outside of the box."

Finding the "never" is simple and easily applicable to anything.

Too much inspiration for a Monday morning? Here's a remedy.


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