Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Banjo Brothers = great customer service

the light blogging has been a result of lots of great things going on at the day job, and the finalization of the summer shirts for Interwoven. dug a quick hole in my morning to post on a fantastic example of great customer service. the company is Banjo Brothers, a cycling-focused bag company. i purchased the above messenger bag this weekend from Volker Bicycles and got it home to find i had no idea how to adjust the shoulder strap. i don't claim to be the smartest guy, but i should be able to figure out how to adjust some buckles.

brought it to work and had some others look at it - we were puzzled.

so, not expecting much, i e-mailed the Banjo Brothers customer service address a few pictures of the section of the strap i was puzzled by and hoped for the best.

about 15 minutes later, co-founder Eric Leugers wrote back with a video attached and the following image, which he wrote on with specific instructions.

turns out, the ring was pulled into the buckle during shipping or what have you and i wasn't a complete moron (this time).

i quickly fixed the issue and now adjust on the fly as the bags are famous for allowing. and i'm that much happier about my purchase.

moreover, Eric's won a loyal customer in me, and many new customers in the people at work who are up on their own cycling commuter bags.

i received a couple more e-mails after the solution and each time Eric's personality was apparent and his passion for his company was obvious. kudos to him for prioritizing his large workload and allowing time to talk directly to the people who he built his company to serve.

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Blogger KansasAddy said...

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Blogger KansasAddy said...

Hey Andy! I just found your blog and what a perfect example of customer service. I think we forget how truely valuable that personal one on one connection to a product can be.

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