Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so faaaar away....

i've been out of commission due to some new biznass at work and a crazy life schedule. they've combined to keep me off Woolard Speak and away from society. the craziness that has been the last few work days was made better by my new super-fantastic productivity machine. yup...for those of you who know me well, you know that it was a sad day was when i left barkley - for many reasons - including my having to give back my company-issued BlackBerry. i loved that thing. a lot. not only did it help me do my job better (and provide endless entertainment between co-workers), but it kept me scheduled, connected and engaged. not an easy task.

as many of my friends know, scheduling something with me is like throwing a dart at a moving target, while blindfolded and possibly in a snowstorm. i am not good at scheduling. i forget. i don't even remember in the first place. i have too much going on, yet still over schedule myself.

well, after doing some finagling with Sprint, i'm back on the productivity wagon with a hot little Palm Centro, which has done nothing short of changed my life in the past week. Interwoven Threads has grown to the point that the hours around 9-5 are packed with shipping orders, talking to customers and collaborators and working out donations. having the phone helps me keep logged into my e-mail as well as stay fresh on my calendar.

but it's also allowing me to be more productive. and i appreciate that almost as much as an updated, synced calendar.

so, i'm connected. i can text people without yelling at them for costing me 10 valued cents. i can check multiple Interwoven e-mail account plus my bank account. plus, i was a good line-tower and even added my work e-mail to the Palm. it's funny, now that i have it again, i'm not sure how i lived without it.

changing the subject....

one of my newly-favored pr shops (you'll understand why as soon as you hit the link) posted a hilarious video on its feed yesterday. it was exactly what i needed to remedy a day of annoyance. hope it will hit you in the funny bone as it did me. from the outdoor flacks at Backbone Media, i present you with a universal question answered.

japanese television is the best. when i lived there, i used to watch this stuff each night. my japanese roommate was dumbfounded at my entertainment level. what can i say, we got reality tv, they got race walking and samurai.

have a great wednesday, all. more substantiative posts soon.


Blogger Sara said...

You are so busy and important! Welcome back to the electronic world. (P.S. I'll put my Curve up against your Palm any day. Wow, that sounds really double-entendre. Totally didn't mean it to, but I'm leaving it.)

12:29 PM  

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