Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Aboard the new communications train.

Er, airplane, maybe. Risley and I are in the Las Vegas Airport, en route to the New Communications Forum. Why do I feel I need a) a shower and b) a confessional whenever I land here? The flight to San Jose is interrupted by this stop in Vegas, which means we were on a plane filled with people – a majority – who are headed to the Sin City to do whatever they feel the desire to do. The anticipation of lights and shiny objects was palpable and as anyone who has flown to Vegas can recall, this anticipation creates a flight that I can relate only to the following personal experiences:
the frat room pre-party
pre-game tailgates
the half-bottle of wine you down before a blind date

There is one goal: get a buzz going, leave your inhibitions behind.

And witnessing those around us (namely the three girls behind us - Risley snapped a photo fosociologicalal record) the only sin to trump the house would be to land sober.

Anyway, we are flying Southwest Airlines. Many statements are made about Southwest's culture of customer service and lighthearted determination. That culture is best observed on the way to Vegas. Drinks frequently are comped, jokes flow and the crew fills the fuselage with fun. It’s a great example of Southwest’s ability to know its audience.

With each flight, I become a stronger advocate for the Southwest brand. Southwest brand learnings froliquorqour-whiffed flight to Vegas?

Knowing your audience isn't enough - know how to interact with that audience.
One free drink (insert product, service) will yield multiple opportunities for profit.
Pick your battles - is it important to tell people to quiet down, or is it important to join their conversation (in turn controlling the volume) and cause them to leave the jetway singing your praises?
Be funny - people are more likely to forgive when they're smiling.

I'm going to grab another cup of bad coffee - more later.


Blogger David said...

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Blogger Sara said...

Nice. Did they kick the back of your seat the whole time, too? You should hear Rapid Rewards Daddy hate on SWA. I appreciate their business strategy and service, but I hate the cattle call. It brings out the worst in people, much like I can only imagine is seen at a Vegas buffet...

3:48 PM  

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