Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My blog is so last year

Just caught up on Neville Hobson's blog and found an interesting posting about the top 10 trends to watch in 2005. Of particular note was number eight: 2005 would be the year of the corporate blog. My first instinct was, "Sweet, blogging is moving up the ladder and will become a mainstream feature in corporate America." Then I realized this prediction could also be an ominous warning to those of us who monitor blogs and utilize blogs for our company, our clients, industry information and social networking.

Technology moves faster than society can keep up with. Likewise, our applications of technology must sprint just to be at the heels of the pack. The real-world problem? The blog will become outdated. Maybe replaced. And soon.

I know I'm overreacting (just a little), but this discussion births an important point: it isn't enough to join or even to lead - one must create to be seen in the blogosphere.

The blog isn't dead. Nowhere near deceased. However, a prediction such as "2005 will be the year of the corporate blog" should be a wake up call for anyone associated with online communication. Begin differentiating your blog, your client's blog, your dog's blog from other blogs. Find new ways to capitalize on blogging's popularity. Create new avenues of communications to intersect with blogs.

Technology has no finish line, just bountiful rewards for those who pass ahead of the pack.


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