Thursday, July 03, 2008

reaching into the back seat

blogging's taken the back seat to an incredibly busy and enjoyable period in my life. i really have nothing important to say, but felt i was neglectful in my blog posts.

why is it that during the times you have the most to talk about, blogging lightens?

in short:

Work is incredibly gratifying and just plain fun
Interwoven is about to launch two new shirts online (more soon)
Interwoven shirts can now be purchased at boutiques in Kansas City and Chicago
The Floyd Landises of tennis are meeting in the women's finals of Wimbledon
Tour de France starts Saturday
Sleeping under the stars in honor of our nation's independence
Running, riding, repeat
Running the Psycho Summer 15 mile trail run this weekend
Running my first ultra the following week
Finally discovered Mad Men
Have a splinter in my foot that won't come out.


Blogger Timothy said...

I did not realize you worked for Barclay for some reason. I've always loved that site design. Very cool you get to work there.

1:49 PM  

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