Thursday, November 29, 2007

Green Marketing Manifesto

John Grant sent me a pre-release copy of his new book, The Green Marketing Manifesto last week. i cracked it open last night and darn near de-inked my highlighter. i'm not nearly far enough in to provide a meaningful review, but what I've read has not only made great sense, but laid a nice road map for the future of green marketing.

reading a post from PSFK today, i found what would be a helpful bit of info to post here, before i am able to react to the book. an interview with John Grant here.

i do agree with Amanda, that the power of the takeaway might well be John's idea of not making the normal green, but making green normal. it's a theme he follows in his blog and one that i hope to see continue to unfold in the book.

thanks, again, to John for the copy and i look forward to carving out some more time to dig in.

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