Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something new

I'm very stoked to head to the New Communications Forum next month. Here's a snippet from the Web site:
This year, we take the conversation to the next level, examining how blogs, wikis, podcasts and other emerging tools, technologies and modes of communication are affecting organizations and how communications professionals from across the spectrum are harnessing these tools to engage in market conversations, deepen and strengthen relationships with key audiences, gain new insights into their audiences' perceptions and behavior and achieve bottom line results.

I'm stoked. I'll be heading to sunny California with my Blog Mentor, Jeff Risley. Follow both of our blogs in the upcoming weeks as we'll surely share our thoughts, learnings and geek-isms in relation to the forum.

Speaking of Risley, he's started a cool feature on his blog. He's posting pictures of random things he observes during his day. Along those same lines, I changed my desktop image yesterday. I take my desktop image very seriously, so this was a big deal.

I took the new picture at a bar/coffee shop/DJ room in Ginza (Tokyo). One of the coolest spaces I've been in. Japan is one of those places one might look for me if I up and disappear one day. In the meantime, a good desktop image allows me some mental escape.


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