Thursday, February 09, 2006

A higher calling, a Higher M-Pact

File under amazing: Higher M-Pact. Tyrone Flowers, founder of Higher M-Pact attended and spoke at our firm's staff meeting today. Tyrone has developed a relationship with our president, Mike, over the past year, which led to our firm working with Higher M-Pact on a pro-bono basis. I can't be more excited and honored to be at least a portion of a part of what Tyrone is doing.

Higher M-Pact works with high-risk youth in Kansas City. We're talking kids with no options. We're talking murder, beatings, theft, drug dealing, gangs. The organization aims to show these kids that they have options. And Tyrone couldn't be a more fitting leader. Go to the Web site. You can find videos, points of view and a much better explanation for this amazing organization. You'll surely be inspired by the passion and insight Tyrone exudes and you should be thankful that he's claimed his position on the front lines of a battle most of us find hard to even comprehend.


Anonymous Mike Swenson said...

What I'm looking most forward to in working with Tyrone and Higher M-Pact is that it will push all of us out of our comfort zones which is where truly great work can be done. It won't be easy but I know this group can do it. I was thrilled, but not surprised, at how everyone has reacted to this partnership. We will gain from this.

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