Monday, March 21, 2005

Here we go

Well, it's done. The thinking, the debating, the drafting and the bet against myself that I won't start a blog. Should I write about the amount of trash my neighbor produces in a week? I can. I also can write about my dog, Monk, and many people would enjoy that. I may include both topics at a given time, but this blog is about communicating. Woolard Speak. It's about how I see the world and the way the world communicates. I know about a couple industries and I'll talk about those. I know about some topics and I'll address them.

Most importantly, I'll provide comments that I stand behind relating to public relations, trends, the way people talk to other people and how we can change our tones.

I promise to you, reader, that I will not lie, embellish (to harm - to humor is fair game), misrepresent (people I like), or post meaningless crap for the sake of posting. I will welcome your responses and encourage lively discussion.

My posts will be regular. If a long, post-free period develops, I simply don't have anything to say, or I've moved to Japan to plant rice (not ruling this out). I promise that I'll refer to greater minds than mine and provide thoughts that might strike a chord and maybe make a few people happier, more enlightened and better looking.

I invite you to be a part of this dialogue.


Blogger Jeff Risley said...

Welcome Andy. It's nice to have someone as intelligent and thoughtful as you enter the blogosphere.

5:59 AM  

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