Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Interwoven Threads now online!

check out the website for the two new designs - and a cool redesign of the Interwoven site!

based on customer comments, i've made the women's shirts longer in the torso - and these new shirts are super soft. even softer than the last designs. you'll love the way they fit.

also, again because of your comments, i created a new donation element. for every sale of the white threads, i'm donating $5 to America's Second Harvest to help fight the growing cost of food for lower income Americans. this will be a meaningful donation during a time when all of our budgets are stretched, but none so much as those who already were in need. the yellow threads will be the same one-shirt-donated-per-purchase model.

these shirts were designed by Suzanne Frye.

look good, do better.



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