Thursday, May 19, 2005

FC: Entire issue devoted to design

As I wrote before, all types of companies - including public relations shops - can do a better job of integrating design thinking into the strategic development process. Fast Company devoted its entire June issue to the subject of design. From product designers to corporate integration ideas, the issue spans the discipline and further proves the power of design in any industry.

I love this stuff. I agree with it and have seen it work. I have no doubt that companies that adopt design thinking into their strategy and processes will come out ahead. This attention to creative thinking is going to spread to our clients, colleagues and competitors, so there's very little time for boardroom debate. Companies that move on this philosophy will win.


Blogger Caroline Quissell said...

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Blogger Caroline Quissell said...

check out this week's issue of Newsweek. it also has a great section on design.

(i deleted my last comment because i had a misspelling)

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