Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oasis makes me smile for first time since 8th grade

back in 8th grade or so i listened to Oasis. my friend had a big Oasis subway poster in his bedroom and i thought that was pretty tight. that was during the Champagne Supernova days. good stuff.

then nothing happened.

with the magic of, possibly, cryogenics, they are back and look exactly the same. this time, though, they've employed a sweet marketing trick to leak/promote their new album: get NYC street musicians to play the tracks.

love it. in fact, i love it so much that for some reason Blogger is embedding the vid twice below.

via the Fallon Planning blog.

Monday, September 01, 2008

where brand planning happens

one of many reasons I came back to Barkley was to be part of its Active Lifestyle focus. as a planner, our discipline is tasked with staying on top of workout, nutrition, culture and gear trends within this category. part of my involvement includes getting into this category first hand. as a cyclist and runner, it's easy for me to pull insights and relate.

i'm spending labor day weekend in Greenville, SC for the US Pro Cycling Championships. if you've followed my facebook or twitter, you'll know that i've had a blast interviewing pros, fans, trainers, wrenches - anyone within a 10 mile radius of the action. this is the second trip i've taken to film cycling and running events and as i import hours of film right now, i'm stoked to see where these insights and learnings end up.

i'll share more about the active lifestyle initiative in a future post - we have an online community in beta right now. for now, here's a pictorial diary of my weekend.

this is actually how i ended my weekend - at the Hincapie after party - but a picture with Christian Vandevelde and George Hincapie deserves to be on the top. i didn't get the "no undershirt" memo.

one of the many yellow jerseys Lance dedicated to George. kind words.

Press conference. Fred Rodriguez (rock racing), George Hincapie (columbia), Ted King (bissell), Craig Lewis (columbia), Christian Vandevelde (garmin chipotle)

US Pro Time Trial Championship podium: Vandevelde, Tom Zirbel, and winner David Zabriskie (3rd consecutive TT win)

i call this "water bottles in red."

George before a vendor ride up Paris Mt., Hincapie Barkley U23 team kit.

the start line of the road race.

Byron from - got to hang out a few times with the guy I've read for a long while. check out the blog - it's great.

Tyler Hamilton sips victory bubbly, while Garmin Chipotle's Danny Pate and Blake Caldwell look on.

Hincapie Sportswear's new line show, and premium denim launch party.

Scottie and Shane, two members of the Hincapie Coca-Cola Barkley Cycling Team. with their better halves at the after party.

what a weekend. in addition to interviewing tons of spectators, i was able to sit down with some big, big names in the sport: Vandevelde, Hincapie, Dave Zabriskie (who'd like you to know about his new product), Noel Dejonckheere, Fred Rodriguez, Ted King and Jonathan Vaughters, to name a few. also important was the time i got to spend chatting with riders from the Hincapie Barkley U23 and Pro teams.

the Pro team racked up a huge weekend. team manager Adam Little just phoned me to let me know Chris Harkey got 3rd in today's 100k Classic, which is a big-time NRC race in Atlanta. huge podium finish for the team within a very tough field of riders. this podium finish came just days after Scottie Weiss (above photo) placed 1st in the South Carolina State Road Race Championships. i couldn't be prouder to have the Barkley name associated with not only these talented riders, but even more impressive individuals. the team personality is about as good as one could wish for. congrats guys.

so i'm headed to the Atlanta airport in a bit, but feel completely satisfied and energized with what i'll be taking back to the ranch. what a weekend.

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